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Do I need Cyber Insurance for my Business?

If you have data, then the short answer is “YES.”  The information in your employee files are usually enough of an exposure for most business to need Cyber Liability Insurance.  If you have client data and employee data, then you really need a Cyber Liability...

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Auto Dealer Advertising Association Program

We only work with local advertising groups and not individual dealerships. We typically provide the Board of Directors with Management Liability coverage. We can also cover all sorts of promotional events and advertising liability if your group does any in house...

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What is Chubb Wildfire Defense Services?

Chubb has partnered Wildfire Defense Services, a leading fire management organization, to help protect your home before, during and after a wildfire. If you own a home in a wildfire-prone area, you know that a wildfire event can be stressful.  Wildfire Defense...

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2 Red Flags that you are being Scammed

Real life scam artist and con man Frank Abagnale, whose story was made into the 2002 film Catch Me if You Can and has worked for the FBI for the last 43 years, wants you to know how not to get taken advantage of financially. Please watch the short video below that...

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What’s not to LOVE about Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is still a day to express love through gifts. With so much money spent on jewelry each year for Valentine’s Day, it’s no wonder jewelers love February 14th. And you should too, because Chubb is driving business your way with a special Valentine’s Day...

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What is Basic form, Broad form, and Special form?

Basic, Broad, and Special form are three common coverage forms when insuring property.  Basic form is the most restrictive, while Special offers the greater level of protection. Basic form covers these 11 “perils” or causes of loss:  Fire or Lightning, Smoke,...

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Federal Pandemic Insurance Program Requested

U.S. businesses are losing an estimated $1 trillion a month as businesses are disrupted due to the corona virus pandemic, according to estimates by the American Property Casualty Insurance Association. Yet, insurers collect only $4.5 billion a month for all commercial...

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