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Brace and Bolt Program Opens in California

Registration is NOW OPEN!  Please use the link below to see if you qualify for the $3,000 grant to retrofit your home. EBB Open Registration: Apply for Seismic Retrofit Grants from Jan 10, 2024 (earthquakebracebolt.com)   Or visit the Earthquake Brace and Bot...

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Earthquake Insurance – Are you Prepared?

The latest Uniform California Earthquake Rupture Forecast is out and it shows we are long overdue for the "Big One" in California.  Some highlights from the report are below: ·    99% chance that one or more M6.7+ earthquake(s) will strike somewhere in California....

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2022 Top Scams – $8.8 Billion in Fraud

Scams and frauds jumped to shocking new highs last year. Learn the top five types, and use our tips to protect yourself. TIPS for all Linn T. Hodge & Sons Customers and their family members: 1) Don't send money to someone you don’t know. 2) Never trust caller ID...

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Distracted Driving Quiz

https://www.travelers.com/quiz/auto/distracted-driving Distracted driving takes the lives of nine people every day, leaving their life stories unfinished. Whether you're behind the wheel, a passenger along for the ride or a pedestrian on the same roadway, distraction...

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Social Engineering Fraud…. what is it?

https://youtu.be/18hbqVZyb9o   Contact our office today to learn more about Crime coverage with Travelers and their very important Social Engineering Fraud endorsement. You can call our office or use our GET A QUOTE feature and we will contact you. Office line:...

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Do I need Cyber Insurance for my Business?

If you have data, then the short answer is “YES.”  The information in your employee files are usually enough of an exposure for most business to need Cyber Liability Insurance.  If you have client data and employee data, then you really need a Cyber Liability...

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