We only work with local advertising groups and not individual dealerships. We typically provide the Board of Directors with Management Liability coverage. We can also cover all sorts of promotional events and advertising liability if your group does any in house advertising.

Please contact our office if you would to discuss coverage for your Local Marketing Association (LMO).

Our insurance agency currently writes hundreds of policies for auto dealer advertising associations, including:

Directors & Officers Coverage (D&O)

$1,000,000 limits start at about $100 a month depending on the number of board members and the budget for the group.


General Liability Coverage (GL)

$1,000,000 per occurrence limits start at $400 a year for an office exposure (no events run directly by the group)

$1,000,000 per occurrence limits start at $1,500 if the group organizes their own in house events/promotions.


Umbrella Liability Coverage (UMB)

$1M-$5M limits over the GL limits depending on the needs of the board. Premiums start at $400.


Media Liability (Advertisers Liability)

$1,000,000 limits start at $1,500.

Media Liability may not be needed your advertising agency includes the group on their Media Liability policy

If written properly, your Media Liability coverage can be excess over any coverage provided by the Advertising agencies you work with.


These are the top four policies we write for our Auto Dealer Advertising Associations.  If needed we can also provide commercial auto, hired/non-owned auto liability, workers comp, employment practices liability and/or special event coverage.



Local Marketing Associations have a variety of exposures unique to the auto industry. We can help place general liability & umbrella policies to provide coverage at auto shows and promotional events.   Media liability coverage will protect the group and the dealer members from professional errors with regards to the variety of advertising forms, such as; print, radio, TV and internet just to name a few.  Lastly, but may be most important comes Director & Officers coverage to protect dealers sitting on the board.  For the larger Auto Dealer Advertising Associations, we can provide Workers Compensation, Employment Practices Liability (EPL or EPLI), Auto Coverage, or Special event coverage.  We are looking to grow our Business and with over 90 years of experience in this field we know we can help!


Please contact Kelly Hodge with and questions or concerns: [email protected]

(310) 477-2666


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Chubb Insurance provides a comprehensive Directors  & Officers policy that you should look at if you are sitting on the board of an auto dealer local marketing association.  Liberty Mutual, Hartford, Chubb and Travelers are all property and general liability markets for auto dealers advertising associations.  Media liability coverage carriers range from Axis all the way to Lloyd’s of London depending on the size and scope of the operations.  If you have a vehicle owned or leased directly to the local marketing association we can provide coverage for them through The Hartford, Travelers, or a variety of other carriers.  We would be happy to come to your monthly or quarterly meeting to share our 70 years of experience.  We don’t share the names of Auto Dealer Advertising Associations we currently provide coverage for because we take confidentiality & privacy extremely seriously, but if you ask around our name is sure to come up.  We look forward to talking with you!


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