Home security lighting is a low-tech way to deter criminals from targeting your home, but don’t cancel your High-tech alarm just yet.  Choosing the right security lighting for your home depends on its location and use.  Is this your primary home in Southern California or your Ski Cabin in Park City?  Here are three types of security lights to consider:




  1.  LED lights            Pros:  Great for those who spend long periods of time away from home.Last 20 times longer than Incandescent lamps (on average)

    Are 10 times more energy efficient (on average)

    Cons:  Are typically more expensive than Incandescent lamps


  2.  Incandescent Lamps Pros:  Cheaper to buy than LED lights

    Cons:  If the lights are too bright they can cast black shadows where burglars can hide.  Keep them under 1,500 lumens.


  3. Solar-poweredPros: Batteries can store up to 10 hours from small solar panels

    Energy efficient (make sure they are certified by energy star)

    Cons:  Not as bright

    Humidity and cloudy weather can reduce effectiveness



    HOT TIP:  You can also consult licensed electrician or outdoor lighting architect to help design a lighting display that is tailored to your needs.


    Congratulations!  Now that you know the three main type of lights, you can make an educated decision on how to set up your home security lights!




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