Wondering how you could save on car insurance? Here are six big factors that could affect your premium in a big way.

Want to save big on your car insurance? It helps to know how rates are factored.

Believe it or not, a low number of accidents and tickets doesn’t necessarily lead to a lower rate. The fact is that your driving record is only one of the things that insurers consider when calculating your premium.

“The amount you pay is not a cut and dry number,” says Loretta Worters, vice president at the Insurance Information Institute (III).

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In fact, your auto insurance rate can vary greatly, depending on everything from car type to whether you’re married or divorced, says Worters.

To help you better understand what goes into determining your auto insurance rate, here’s a rundown of some common factors used by insurance companies.

Factor #1 – Your Marital Status

For most people, getting married is a good thing. And auto insurers concur.

“Insurance companies see [married people] as a better risk. You’re more responsible and more careful as a married person, so you can often enjoy a discount when you get married,” says Worters.

Lower rates are not guaranteed, however. Choose a mate with a bad driving record, for example, and your rate could greatly increase.

Rule of Thumb:
Married = Lower Premiums
Single = Higher Premiums

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