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Fire Marks – What are they?

Merriam-Webster defines a “Fire Mark” as “a metal plate attached to a building to mark it as insured used by 18th century fire-insurance companies” For more Fire Mark information please click on the three links below: Chubb Insurance Article :  A look back at Fire...

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Streaming Media: New Services and Devices to Use

NEW STREAMING SERVICES: CBS – all 16 networks, including 34 primetime series, and 5,000 episodes of old favorites for $5.99 month   HBO - Could be bundled with Hulu or Netflix   Devices to use: ROKU 3 – access to more than 2,000 channels, including Netflix, Amazon...

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Wage and Hour Claims are on the Rise

According to The Hartford and the Federal Judicial Center, Wage and Hour claims are up nearly 5 percent from 2013.    In wage and Hour claims, allegations by current and/or former employees typically involve unpaid overtime, failure to provide meals or rest breaks,...

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Adventure Trip Safety Tips

Are you traveling to a distant state or even a faraway country for an adventure trip?  Well guess what? You will be at a higher risk of property loss and injury!  Here are some tips to keep you and your property safe:   Educated yourself – Start with layered system of...

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Uber Insurance, Lyft Insurance, Sidecar Insurance

Do you need ride sharing auto Insurance?  If you are driving for Uber, Lyft or Sidecar the State of California is requiring you to carry commercial license plates.  Your personal auto policy already excludes any driving “for hire” so you may need to purchase a...

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What are Commercial Auto Symbols?

Answer: They define how your vehicles are covered.   The full list is below, but here are some highlights: Symbol “1” is the best for both types of coverage (Liability & Physical Damage) Symbol “8” covers rental cars (liability only) Symbol “9” covers non-owned...

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