The big three right now are


  1. Apple Pay
  2. Google Wallet
  3. Loop Pay 

    All three services use encryption software to transmit credit card information and shipping information to save you time.  Virtual wallets and Mobile Wallets let users pay for purchases using their smart phones or other devices like an apple watch.  Digital currencies like bitcoin can also be used for purchase through your Mobile wallet or virtual wallet.


    In closing, I can’t discus Mobile wallet or virtual wallet services without discussing security.  Credit cards are better protected than debit cards with regards to federal loss liability, so ONLY USE YOUR CREDIT CARDS!   Other security features to look for are the ability to remotely disable its wallet if you lose it. The best security feature I have found is Apple Pay’s fingerprint authentication over the PIN to unlock phone and wallet. It also generates a unique code for each transaction. That code can’t be reused, adding one more level of security. Be sure to check your mobile wallets or virtual wallets levels of security and select one that you feel comfortable with.



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