Don’t be so sure you have “Insurance Coverage” when it comes to covering your company.  General Liability coverage typically does NOT include Director & Officers (D&O) coverage and Employment Practices Liability (EPL).   Not having these can leave your company uninsured against critical exposures. 

Recently, a potential new client of our agency incorrectly believed that their company already had these coverages under its general liability policy.  We explained to her that management and professional liability exposures can be insured elsewhere.  This means on a separate policy that provides D&O, EPL, Fiduciary Liability, and/or Professional Liability (E&O).  You can also have stand alone, mono line, coverage for any ONE of these lines of coverage OR pick only the lines you need.  For example, you can have a policy that only covers D&O and EPL.
Each line of coverage is designed to cover different exposures, so if you are concerned about a sitting on a board of directors, an employee sexual harassment lawsuit, managing your 401K plan, or any other management risk, call us today to discuss your questions or concerns.



John Kelly Hodge

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