1. Not Saving Enough
  2. Paying High Fees for investments
  3. Missing out on Tax Breaks
  4. Not Diversifying your funds
  5. Not Planning their Income


    According to the LA Times, the average adult in Los Angeles with between $50,000 and $250,000 saved, started saving for retirement at age 35.  It is never too early to start a Roth IRA and plan your retirement.  Find a financial advisor that will walk you through the planning stages.  You can start small and diversify as you go.  Retirement investing is a long term process so make sure you are getting all the tax breaks you can.  If you miss these over a 35 to 40 year period, you could be missing out on some major cash.  It is hard to know how much you will need each month when you start off your retirement investing, but as you get closer to retirement, don’t forget to do an income plan. This will give you an idea of how much you need to continue to live at your current standard of living.


    Please contact us today if you would like us to refer you to one of our preferred financial advisors.  Our insurance agency works hand in hand with them to protect your assets and way of living.



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