There are only two good options when it comes to the vexing problem of protecting your valuable jewelry:



Leaving valuables unlocked or hidden in your home makes it easy for a burglar to take.  Casual labor, service providers, and repair men that are not properly vetted can lead to future property thefts.  It is important that you protect your valuables from any thief who would like to make a quick buck.  It is highly unlikely that a burglar will enter your home while you are on the premises, so you need to focus your efforts on protecting your assets while you are away.  If you can’t find a bank close to your home that provides safe deposit box service, then at least research an in-home safe.  We recommend a commercial safe with a “TL15” rating or higher.  Nothing can protect your valuable jewelry 100% of the time, but doing one of these two actions will give you an extra layer of defense.

Please contact our office today to obtain a valuable articles floater quote.  There are a variety of insurance carriers willing to cover your valuables based on the scheduled value of your jewelry. Call or email us today!


Kelly Hodge

Linn T. Hodge & Sons