AKA:  Short Term Rental Home insurance.  As your trusted insurance agent we are here to protect you beyond your standard home, auto and business insurance.  If you have a vacation home that you rent to others here are the major risks you face:

1) Unexpected injuries or accidents that occur on YOUR PROPERTY

2)  Property Damage to your home or furniture

3)  Burglary and/or Vandalism

Furthermore, a fire dwelling insurance policy is designed to protect rental property owner’s pocket book in the event of a covered loss by providing LOSS OF RENTS coverage. This coverage will supply you with a year’s worth of rental income, allowing you time to get your home back up and occupied without suffering a financial loss. 

Rental Home insurance is an important part of your overall insurance program. Without it, you could lose the income property you worked so hard to obtain.  Give us a call today so we can help you protect your investment! There are so many DISCOUNTS available to you!

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**** Each Rental Home policy is subject to the coverages, exclusions, and limits listed in the policy.  Be sure review your limits to make sure they are adequate to your needs.  NOT ALL POLICIES ARE THE SAME.  Coverages differ from carrier to carrier and policy to policy.  Your current coverage may exclude some of the rental insurance coverages listed above or limit the amount of coverage provided.****